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ArteDomus was founded by Yvette Roman in March of 2020 after San Diego shut down from Covid-19, to provide art classes to youth who lost their arts programming.

2020 GoalsProvide youth with an art curriculum that is diverse, inclusive and relevant to our communities.

Provide a space where children can use art to voice their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Curate virtual and in person exhibitions that highlight San Diego, Los Angeles and Tijuana artists.

Beautify our city with messages of unity, peace and diversity.

Facilitate art workshops to increase family bonding, boost confidence and help with stress management.

Share and support the arts community by sharing calls for entries, residencies, funding, art exhibitions, employment, and other creative opportunities.

*images on this page have been collected through different collaborations and institutions were Yvette Roman has worked, volunteered or taught online. Yvette Roman currently teaches at ArteDomus via Zoom.