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Haciendo Linea

Haciendo Linea stands on Evans street, a block away from chicano park.  It is part of a public arts initiative by The Mint House Project. Selected artists created murals on themes of social justice. Haciendo Linea was selected on the theme of immigration.

“This mural shares the story of Fronterizos like myself. Fronterizos share similar journeys and understand that en la linea we must be cautious. It is surrounded by fear, barbed wire and the combined smell of gasolina and churros. It is where two cultures collide as a dial slowly turns, not quite at Mexican, not quite at pocha, and definitely not gringa.

It is a place where you must prove your nationality, a place where a document is your ally… it is proof that you belong.

In La Linea, we are in motion; and we wait.  We prepare ourselves for endless questions and collaborate our stories.  We worry about arriving late to work, to school and to pick up our kids.

La Linea is a meeting place as we head to college.  It is the end to a wild night of partying. A Sunday afternoon after visiting grandma.

It is always a gamble, one taken for pleasure, necessity or love. It is time spent, surrounded by strangers, moving along, one step at a time.